How do we dry?

We are a drying plant, a sustainable one to be specific. This means we dry products such as protato products and bread and prepare them for re-use. This is an innovative process that we work on every single day to become even more efficient. We would like to explain how we process our products and why we are sustainable. 

How do we dry?

From residual product to quality product

Potato products

We currently dry various potato products such as starch, mashed potatoes and flakes. These products go into our drying process with the aim of reaching the right moisture percentage. Our drying lines are fully automated, allowing us to adjust the final product exactly to the customer's requirements. In addition, we can also look into the possibilities of making a mix of potato products upon request. 

The potato products we process serve as raw material for the 'Pet food industry', so this can end up in your dog's or cat's food pellets. This way, we convert these residual products into a high-quality product that can be used effectively. 

We also dry bread, which is where it all started. 

The bread we receive is the excess supply of unsold products in supermarkets or bakeries. When it reaches our premises, the bread still has all the packaging as it does when sold in the shops. To still be able to process it immidiately, we have developed our own unpacking process. The packaging materials and seals are separated from the bread to facilitate its recycling process. After unpacking, the bread is ground and dried into the final product: bread flour. These small grains, similar to breadcrumbs, are then used as raw materials for cattle feed. This serves as an alternative to wheat in cattle feed, among other things, and so our customers can make a balanced blend from it. 

This also aligns us seamlessly with our core value, sustainability. Our entire drying plant runs on self-generated energy, from which an old product is upgraded to a new high-quality product. This way nothing is left without value.


An environmentally friendly alternative

Sustainable since thirty years

It has been over thirty years since the foundations for Van de Weijer Drogerij were laid. Harrie van de Weijer decided to look for an environmentally-friendly alternative to gas and oil to heat his chicken houses. Eventually, he ended up with wood residue streams. We still use this method, burning residual wood that cannot fulfil any other function, today. Not to heat chicken houses anymore, but we use it as a source for our business: the drying plant.


Why van de Weijer?

An honest family business

We are a real family business that focuses on the future and sustainability. As a family business, honesty and transparency are extremely important to us. We therefore strive for healthy, long-term partnerships. This includes fair, competitive prices that benefit the entire sector. This way, we can continue to build on and encourage each other. Interested in working together? Or would you just like to get acquainted? Then contact us so we can look at the possibilities together! Call us on 077 - 820 0206 or send an email to