How does sustainable biomass work?

Sustainability is and will become increasingly important in the coming years. And we at Van de Weijer welcome that. It is good for the well-being of our planet and guarantees a safe future for our children. 

Sustainable biomass at Van de Weijer

What makes us unique?

This is why we are unique compared to our competitors, because as a drying plant, we are completely self-sufficient: we provide our own electricity. How? Through sustainable biomass. "But biomass is not sustainable, is it?" people often think. With us it is. We do not burn wood or trees that are specially felled for biomass production. Instead, we generate power from non-recyclable, discarded material that would otherwise be thrown away. So at Van de Weijer it can be useful once again. 


How does this process work?

Our sustainable process explained

Our sustainable fairy tale began over 30 years ago, with founder Harrie. This was because he found an alternative to fossil fuels to heat his chicken houses. At the time, a craft furniture company was left with 'residual waste', small pieces of leftover wood, wood shavings and wood chips. Which have Harrie an idea: could you use this residual flow to generate energy from? It turned out to be a great idea. Harrie bougt a stove, tinkered with it so that he could generate heat he needed for his business. This started as an experiment, but today, Van de Weijer is completely self-sufficient. We do not require a gas connectoin and no oil is used in our drying and seperation processes, only residual waste. A-wood as a form of sustainable energy source. So it is incredibly innovative. 


What are the benefits?

A honest partnership

Van de Weijer is a family business which is now run by several generations of Van de Weijer. Values such as sustainability and fair partnerships are therefore embedded in our DNA. Our company dries more than 100.000 tonnes of residual streams per year using self-generated energy. Because we produce sustainable biomass, we are completely self-sufficient. We do nog use fossil fuels and this contributes to the reduction of co2 emissions. In doing so, we promote a sustainable work ethic and we are incredibly proud of that.