Our approach

To get everything out of waste streams, we work smart to save. This means we are continually looking to improve and work even more efficiently. For this, we like to work together sustainably. Together, we come up with new solutions, make use of the options, and prevent wasting time and energy on impossible things.

    This is how we work smart to save

    • Separating and drying on one line; more efficient, better, and more economical
    • Process various waste streams in separate halls
    • Generate energy with biomass
    • Fair prices, more value
    • Work together sustainably, look together for improvement

    Continuous improvement

    Efficient and effective

    With more than thirty years of experience, we know everything about drying. We have developed all our drying lines ourselves, so we can process various streams. We optimise our drying and separating lines continuously and regularly implement improvements. This makes our drying efficient and sustainable.

    Sustainable drying

    This is how we save energy and the world.

    We have built our own biomass plant, which works on wood waste streams which can serve no other purpose. Van de Weijer works sustainable:

    • Self-sufficient in energy
    • Own biomass plant
    • No CO2 emission
    • No gas connection

    Adding value to waste streams?

    Let’s begin.

    As a family company, we believe that sustainable cooperation is the key to a successful relation. In the stability and security of a joint long-term vision, we work with short lines and a quick service towards achieving maximum efficiency from waste streams. 

    Call us at 077-820 0206 or mail to welkom@vdwdrogerij.nl

    Industrieterrein Panningen 125
    5981 NC Panningen
    The Netherlands